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Our dream, started with a mere thought, years ago. You hear the phrase "a dollar and a dream" over and over again. Our founder, Cameisha, has been obsessed with all things beauty for as long as she can remember: hair, clothing, makeup, skincare — you name it! Taking inspiration from her grandmother’s classic, chic taste, the duo made shopping there Sunday ritual! Cameisha's grandmother would take her shopping every Sunday, she even had a personal shopper at the age of four! What really made Cameisha happy, though, was making others feel beautiful, too. She spent her earlier years doing her friends’ hair at her grandmother’s house, and dressing  them up for the perfect night out on the town.


In 2006, Cameisha’s life changed forever. She lost her older brother, Cameron, to gun violence. It was one of the hardest moments of her life, but she promised to honor him in everything that she set forth to do. Hence the name C Squared!


Years ago, Cameisha wrote down her mere thought — her dream. She knew for sure that it would have made her a millionaire by now, but she let that dream slip away. Until now. In February 2016, she stopped fearing the unknown and began building a brand that she truly adores. Now Dr. Cameisha Clark knows the importance of Beauty and Brains! She truly believes in #teamoverdressed because why not?! The C Squared Look is a brand that we want you to remember, from head to toe!


If you have a dream go after it! What you can accomplish once you push fears aside is endless. She hopes to inspire other women to go after everything they want in life.


At the end of the day, you are your biggest fan and you have to sell yourself. No matter your age, race, or background we can ALL be Superwoman… and you might as well get the C Squared look while making your dreams come true.


                                                           -CAMEISHA C.

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